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Twilight Studying by Sokolas

Vision - Not bad. The pose looks kind of good, but there seems to be bits of problems. The angle of the paper or how it is positioned, the angle or the perspective of the ink bottle, and how the table seems to look unbalanced. Not saying that it should be perfect, at least you can learn from these mistakes, unless you repeat the same ones all over again.

Originality - Haven't seen much artworks similar to this, though. The pose, the style, the environment and the facial expression makes it looks kind of original, as I have not seen much similarity to some other artworks.

Technique - A bit awesome. I can see how this was colored in the simplest and the best way possible, and how the hair is shaded is kind of realistic (despite being a painting). I can see how simple details can be that realistic, and I recommend artists to not use excessive details.

Impact - Its simplicity has given me a new way on how to paint outrageously yet simply. The artwork itself is telling me that painting is never hard as long as you don't go through heavy detailing and excessive amounts of complex parts.

Overall - I like it, despite some minor errors. Keep up the good work, for God will help us all.
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